The truth on running a lodge- its not all tree stands and fishing trips

There are so many jobs to do at the lodge that are considered behind the scenes that people don’t even know about, or even think about.

For one the paper work is never ending, like just when you think you are getting to the bottom of it, wham! another pile shows up out of nowhere.  I’m sure every small business owner no matter the business type can attest to this.

There is always.. and I mean always something that is in need of repair. Some are minor things that need fixing, some are larger ones.  Just picture things that need repair in your house and times that by 7. ( we have 7 cabins).  Just think of the vehicle you drive, well we have 3 trucks, a backhoe, side by side, atv, and our fleet of boats, that all at some point or another need something done to them.

There is general maintenance out the ying yang, acres of lawn to cut and trim, and it seems like that is never ending.  We purchased a larger lawn mower thinking , ah ha! Sure is cuts a little more but there’s still the same amount of lawn to cut! We have 7 cabins to kept stained, along with 7 decks to stain, picnic tables, 7 porches with screens to fix.

Our fish hut is cleaned daily, now this isn’t a standard practice throughout the industry, it’s just how we like to do it. We like things kept clean and tidy.  So basically we go in, dispose of the guts and skins off site, and go in with the pressure washer and have at it’!

Along the lines of keeping our place nice and tidy, we offer a dump service for all our guest’s garbage, well that is also something else we have to do at least a few times a week.

Another service we provide to our camping guest, is a sewer dumping system. Well really its a big vaccum that pumps it out of your holding tank. This is also done on a weekly basis, and is a horrible job, that someone has to do.  Luckily I get to run the office that day! I even volunteer to run the office that day.

On top of all the paperwork there is in the office, and all the normal stuff that goes along with owning a small business. We also have a convienience store with a bait shop. Now wether its busy or not, someone must be in the office, to serve the customers… wether it be bait, propane, gas, tackle, or a pop.  The busy days just fly on by and its fabulous, the slower more quiet days, well they are too be desired.  Considering the office is open for 14 hours a day, sometimes I end up going a little batty.

Now I haven’t even touched on what happens when we need to prep and help for our fall bear hunts, thats a whole post in itself.

Ive often heard wow it must be nice to run a lodge, you must get to spend the day of the water fishing, or out in the blind hunting.  Just think now.. all of the above needs to be done regularly, in the matter of 6 months a year.  So if you do see us out on the water, know that we have jammed packed our day, to make time to be out on the water.


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